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May 3, 2008

Blog Shifted!!!

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In case you came here searching for something, try the search feature at PROJectBEE, my new blog.

As a major re-innovationary (is that even a word!) step, I am shifting my blog to my server PROJectBee.

“What would that mean?”

“Well, it has different meanings for different people. For you, it means better and flexible interface with LOADS of options, including, but not limited to OpenID integration 🙂
For me it means an increased level of work to take care of things that I never had to bother about. However, it also introduces a whole new array of learning oppurtunuties.”

People already subscribed to me feed will have to use a different feed now. Kindly update your blogrolls, feedreaders etc., as applicable. Thank You 🙂


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